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Home of Diaton Tonometer, BiCOM Inc., is at Medical Design & Manufacturing (MD&M) East Expo in Jacob Javits Center, New York. The MD&M East Expo and Conference is the largest, most important and comprehensive medical design & manufacturing event on the East Coast. It’s the gathering point for more than 500 leading medtech suppliers and manufacturers, including 3M, Abbott, Nypro Healthcare, Phillips-Medisize, and Stratasys.


BiCOM Inc., is a home of groundbreaking transpalpebral glaucoma diagnostics technology through the eyelid and sclera Diaton tonometer used  by ophthalmologists, optometrists and other healthcare professionals in over 60 countries.

Diaton Tonometer, manufactured with precision received Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Research and new Technology in Geneva & the Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Innovation Research and New Technology – “Brussels Eureca”.

Portability, safety and simplicity make Tonometer Diaton ideal for a wide range of applications: for mass glaucoma screening…

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Tonometer, Tonometry, Tonometers & Glaucoma Information

DIATON tonometer, aka Glaucoma Eye Test, the world’s only through the Eyelid, non-corneal tonometer available to general, primary and family physicians to quickly and painlessly screen for glaucoma in an in-office setting without directly touching the eyeball or using the numbing drops, is presented at Pri-Med East in Boston by BiCOM Inc.

Visit BiCOM Inc and view Diaton tonometer in Action at Pri-Med East Booth #1134

Sixty million Americans are at RISK for developing Glaucoma. Glaucoma is usually symptomless and vision loss is irreversible. Timely diagnosis and appropriate treatment are key to glaucoma prevention.

Most insurance companies require Glaucoma testing as part of the Preventive Care Services Act.

General, primary and family physicians, who are on the forefront of seeing patients at risk of glaucoma each day, now are able to use Diaton through the eyelid tonometer for quick glaucoma…

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Corneal thickness is important because it can mask an accurate reading of eye pressure, causing doctors to treat you for a condition that may not really exist or to treat you unnecessarily when are normal. Actual IOP may be underestimated in patients with thinner CCT, and overestimated in patients with thicker CCT.

This may be important to your diagnosis; some people originally diagnosed with normal tension glaucoma may in fact be more accurately treated as having regular glaucoma; others diagnosed with ocular hypertension may be better treated as normal based on accurate CCT measurement. In light of this discovery, it is important to have your eyes checked regularly and to make sure your doctor takes your CCT into account for diagnosis.


Transpalpebral tonometry diaton


Tonometro Diaton


Best Gift for the Eyeball! Tonometry Through Eyelid by Diaton Tonometer

Best Gift for the Eyeball! Tonometry Through Eyelid by Diaton Tonometer

Tonometry | Tonometer | Tonometers | Glaucoma





DIATON® Tonometer Pen ( BiCOM Inc, USA)  is Non-corneal, Non-contact, Transpalpebral (through eyelid) handheld tonometer.


DIATON® PEN TONOMETER is a handheld, pen-shaped device used for measuring intraocular pressures (IOP). The DIATON Pen tonometer calculates pressure by measuring the response of a free-falling floater, as it rebounds against the tarsal plate of the eyelid and the sclera.


The patient is positioned so that the tip of the device and lid are overlying sclera, in either sitting or supine position. 


Non-corneal and transpalpebral tonometry does not involve contact with the cornea and does not require topical anesthetic…

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Tonometer Pen for Emergency Department – Intra-ocular Pressure Test through Eyelid

Tonometer, Tonometry, Tonometers & Glaucoma Information

St. Josephs Hospital, an affiliate of Hospital Sisters Health System selects DIATON tonometer for its Emergency Department to assist physicians to quickly and painlessly evaluate Intraocular Pressure (IOP) for Glaucoma.  Diaton tonometery advanced technology allows to measure IOP through eyelid without use of numbing drops and without influence of corneal properties or past eye surgeries.


The measurement of intraocular pressure is perhaps the most important clinical parameter contributing to the diagnosis of glaucoma.

BiCOM’s tonometer Diaton offers several clinician-friendly features, facilitating easy integration into a hospital or Emergency Department (ED) setting. The design is adaptable to a physician’s current set up, eliminating the need for dedicated space and lowering end-user cost. The compact ergonomic and handheld design also allows for easy transport from room to room or office to office, and includes convenient storage case when not in use.

Diaton tonometer takes the measurement through eyelid and sclera, with that…

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 Through the Eyelid tonometry technology introduced by BiCOM Inc – home   of tonometer Diaton to thousands of ophthalmologists at the American  Academy of Ophthalmology   – The Eye MD Association at McCormic  Convention Center, Chicago, IL.    Diaton tonometer is handheld, pen  like ophthalmic tonometer  to measure intraocular pressure (IOP) for  glaucoma in children and  adults.

Diaton Tonometry  is a revolutionary Non-Corneal approach to measuring intraocular  pressure (IOP) THROUGH THE EYELID   and over Sclera – no contact with the  cornea, no anesthesia or  sterilization is required. BiCOM’s pen-like,  hand-held, portable device   is perfect for measuring eye pressure and  helps ophthalmologists and optometrists in diagnosis and prevention of  blindness caused by  glaucoma. This ophthalmic device is irreplaceable  for mass glaucoma  screenings.

Tonometer, Tonometer Diaton, Glauoma eye test

Tonometer Diaton – Transpalpebral tonometry through eyelid by BiCOM Inc

Unlike  Goldmann tonometry which is based on the Imbert–Fick law   and is  effected by CCT and other corneal parameters and corneal  diseases, where  small area of the membrane is flattened to measure  pressure of the  internal fluid.  Evidence shows that variations in CCT may greatly  influence Goldmann tonometry reading.  Parameters such as membrane  elasticity, rigidity and other biomechanical properties can  influence  the accuracy of the intraocular pressure readings.

Diaton tonometry    solves most of the corneal issues by implementing Newton’s Second Law    and a Ballistic principle to obtain IOP.  Readings with Diaton Tonometer  are taken over the upper eyelid, at the tarsus and over the sclera, not  the cornea.

Recent   clinical  study “Comparison of Accuracy of Diaton Transpalpebral  Tonometer Versus  Goldmann Applanation Tonometer, Dynamic Contour  Tonometer and Ocular  Response Analyzer “ concluded:  “Transpalpebral  Tonometry is an accurate  method of  IOP measurement that is also  independent from the  biomechanical characteristics of cornea.  It can  be recommended for IOP  measurements of patients diagnosed with glaucoma   including those cases  where cornea pathology or cornea characteristics  have been altered”.

Tonometer Diaton is the solution in the following cases when the use of other devices is problematic or impossible:

* Mass screening of patients.

* IOP control during clinical observation and selection of adequate hypotensive therapy for glaucoma patients.

* Serial tonometry for obtaining Diurinal curve.

* IOP can be obtained without removing contact lenses.

* IOP measuring in immobilized patients – measurement can be done sitting or supine.

* IOP measuring in children. Measurement is taken outside of the visual field.

* Patients with the following conditions: chronic conjunctivitis,   corneal pathology including keratitis, keratotone, corneal dimness,   after penetrating keratoplastics, keratoprosthesis, laser refractive   correction, high degree of ametropy, astigmatism.

* On patients with medicinal allergies.

* Lasik / LASEK / PRK (Diaton can be used for IOP measurement right after these surgeries)

Diaton    tonometer is a perfect device for early diagnosis of glaucoma in   primary eye care, pediatric optometry and is a must have for any   ophthalmic surgery practice.

More information on Diaton tonometer, including clinical trials data and demo video can be found at    or by calling BiCOM Inc., at the Toll Free number 1-877-diatons   (877.342.8667). Diaton tonometer is priced very competitively and is   delivered complete with training Video/DVD describing full procedure   step-by-step, battery, calibration plate, carry case in addition to the   Test/Training Eye™ which is included with each unit.

About BiCOM Inc.

BiCOM,    is a privately held company with its 19 years of tradition and global    clientele, has proven to be the enterprise of the highest level of   professionalism, integrity and financial solvency. A unique team of   engineers, medical, legal and business experts makes BiCOM Inc. the   right place for global talent to find support and guidance. BiCOM Inc.  sees its mission in bringing to market innovative products developed and   manufactured worldwide.

Diaton Tonometer is currently represented in over 60 countries and growing.  More about BiCOM Inc,. at

Press Contact – Alina Lagoviyer / Media Relations   BiCOM Inc. 151 East Walnut Street Long Beach, New York 11561   Phone: 1-877-342-8667

Fax: 1-888-260-0606

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