You might have seen this new Diaton tonometry device at one of the recent trade shows or you may already own one, but there is more you may want to know about what this Non-corneal tonometer can do:

Diaton tonometry, as a unique technology, is making new waves in it’s broader implementation in optometry as well as ophthalmology practices due to it’s ability to obtain accurate IOP through the upper eyelid and sclera, without contact with the cornea or influence of the corneal biomechanical properties.

Contact lenses are also not a factor and need not be removed since the measurement is done right above the edge of the contact lens, over the upper eyelid.

Diaton is also found to be used on patients after keratoprosthesis surgery – where thus far only digits were used as an estimate and now an actual digital IOP result can be obtained.

Diaton tonometer is not intended as a replacement to Goldmann, but it is an add-on whenever Goldmann / applanation or any other contact and non-contact tonometry can not be used due to the corneal issues, scars..etc., or simply as an alternative/ trans-scleral IOP option.

Lastly, since IOP with Diaton tonometer is obtained outside of the visual field and without any drops, adults and children that are sensitive to contact or invasive tonometry can be screened safely and with ease.

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